GTA 6 Release Date.

GTA 6 Release Date Announced To Be Soon.

GTA 6 is one of the most awaited game more then million of people are expected this GTA 6 Release Date will be announced soon. It has been already more then five years that GTA 5 has been released and many players keep asking when exactly when  GTA 6 is going to be released. We still cannot say exact date of GTA 6 release but it I will up in the market very soon. That's why we are here with beta version as technology is getting advance there are lots of things we have to take care before releasing the games.

gta 6 release dateGrand theft auto 6 release date is not fixed yet but our Rockstar game team are working hard on it to make this game available soon by the send of this year. If you want you can download your GTA 6 beta now where you can play and experience the game with some restrictions. This beta version is for limited time only as this is up for testing purpose we would like you to download and send us your feedback about game how is it working and all. We are collecting as much data as we want from different devices and trying to fix the bugs that we are getting more sooner we are able to fix the bugs, glitches and issues Grand theft auto 6 release date will be close for all the GTA 6 fans to make our work easy and quicker we would like to collect as much data as we can so download GTA 6 beta now and lets make our work easier.

gta 6 release date ps4GTA 6 release date ps4 as GTA 6 has wide platforms we will be releasing this game on PS4 console which is most in current gaming market as there are more then millions of PS4 users already who are waiting this game on PS4 so this game will be most probably released on PS4 platform first then any other platforms you can even try GTA 6 beta for PS4 if you would like to try it out on PS4 now. and send us your feedback and experience.

gta 6 release date xbox oneTalking about GTA 6 release date Xbox One it will be up on the same day on the same day of PS4 release as this both consoles are on the most sold console on the gaming industry right now so we will obviously release this on the same day which will be by the end of this year so that can be good news for all Xbox One users try downloading GTA 6 beta for Xbox one now.


We still don't know if we are going to do GTA 6 release date ps3 and GTA 6 release date Xbox 360 as this consoles are outdated and there are only few users for this console so most probably Rockstar won't be developing this game for this consoles any more and will be focusing on mobile platforms so this time you might see GTA 6 Android and GTA 6 IOS you can even download beta version of this game now.