GTA 6 Beta For Windows PC.

GTA 6 PC released date Finalized Download Now.

GTA 6 PC can be downloaded from as this is beta version there is limited things you can do it in the game. As soon as GTA 6 beta testing is over we will be releasing the full version of the game soon with in the end of this year. GTA 6 release date PC will be releasing in almost all platforms including Mobile Phone i.e Android and iPhone also which is good news as previous game was not released for mobile phone. We are using unity coding language which helps GTA 6 to run smoothly on any platforms without any issues. If you are interested and participate in beta testing then you can click on download button to get  GTA 6 download PC.
GTA 6 PCAfter long wait we are finally planning to release GTA 6 PC there were been long wait during making of this game. There are going to be lots of changes and more excitement included in GTA 6 release date PC. As you were been playing this games in US cities but this time game is releasing in totally different country which is Tokyo, Japan. As Japan is known as one of the technical cities in the world there you will be seeing lots of things that you haven't see before. There are going to be new cars, building and lots of interacts with different stuff which is going to make the game more realistic. This is going to be total package of fun. There is be some mode where you will be traveling to US cities also so map is going to be very huge in GTA 6 download PC.

GTA 6 release date pc

gta 6 beta download now button

GTA 6 PC is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar game. It is a series of previous GTA games there must only few peoples who are unknown about GTA series. It is one of the most popular game of all time. Last series of GTA was GTA 5 which was released on 2014 game was about three characters and story about Los Santos. This time GTA 6 release date PC has more then three character which can be played parallel way switching between the characters all three characters has there own behaviors and powers which you will see on beta version also. Game as two modes like previous game single mode and multiplayer mode. In single player mode you can watch story know about characters but in multiplayer mode you will be playing this game online so you need active internet connection always while playing this game.

GTA 6 download pc

gta 6 beta download now button
As GTA 6 beta is just for testing purpose we would like request all the players not to miss use this app by trying to sell it. As GTA 6 download PC suppose to be free game for experimental purpose so we have provided this game to be downloaded with free of charge. There would be any cost included if you find anyone trying to sell this game please report us ASAP. Please do like, comment about your experience of the gameplay and don't forget to share it with your friends and family on social media like Facebook. Enjoy playing beta version. If you e interested in downloading GTA 6 IOS you can download from our website.


OS : Windows 10 / Mac
Processor: 1.8 GHz + Intel
Ram: 4 GB for best performance
HDD: 4 GB free disk space