gta 6 beta
This Time At Tokyo City
Game is mainly based on Tokyo but there will be some part of the game where you will be playing on US cities like liberty city and San Andres.
Unity Coded for All platforms
The is coded in unity language which helps this game compatible on almost all platforms and depending on the device game graphics gonna behave differently so that it can run smoothly without any issue.
Play It in your Mobile Platform
It can be download in different platforms including android, IOS, Windows PC. This time you will be experiencing this game in mobile platforms which is great for all mobile gamer.
GTA 6 Download
As we are getting lots of message asking how to get on to GTA 6 download page? In order to download you have to click on download button which you can see on the top of the page. Click on that which then directs you to the platform section where you can choose on which platform you like to download the game on click on the platform and you will be redirected to the selected page where you can download and install the game.
Mobile compatibly.

As gta 5 was never developed for mobile device because of it programming code interface and graphics. This time it will be totally mobile compatible you will be able to find both gta 6 android and IOS devices which will be written in unity which won’t effect your gaming experience you and fully enjoy the game plus you will be playing multiplayer with all users who are playing on different platforms like PS4, XBox One that is another most interesting feature that you will be encounter this time in version of this series.

GTA 6 Trailer:
Gta 6 trailer has just been launched and we are expecting there will be more trailer coming soon as game will be officially ready to be launched in a market. By now we have just launched trailer showing game is available for beta versions which is still not and original official trailer which is showing how game is going to look like and credit about the developers, producer and director of the game. Short and sweet trailer which you can find in the youtube. Second Trailer will be up as soon as we will be done with this beta testing.
GTA 6 Map:
Gta 6 Map this time Rockstar as gone to different city usually rockstar use to be in US based city as you can see previous game where GTA 5 was based on liberty city and GTA 4 was based on San Andres this time it is going to the totally different city which is located in asian country japan. The city of this series map that you will be playing will be Tokyo city. This huge change is going to make game more interesting and fun to play. Download download beta version to see the demo of the city.
GTA 6 Release Date:
GTA 6 release date is one of the most awaited game more then million of people are expected this game to be released soon. It has been already more then five years that GTA 5 has been released and many players keep asking when exactly when next series is going to be released. We still cannot say exact date of release but it I will up in the market very soon. That's why we are here with beta version as technology is getting advance there are lots of things we have to take care before releasing the games.
gta 6 release date
Available For
gta 6 ps4
ps4 / xbox one

Play it on PS4 with realistic graphics with amazing sound and visual quality .


 It can be played now on pc using social club supports both Windows And Mac.

gta 6 android

Now you can play this game on smart phone IOS and Android is available.

GTA 6 Android
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What player said

Simple the best game I have ever played as am a big fan of Rockstar games I wont miss any single game developed by Rockstar. Specially talking about GTA am a huge fan of this game from the child wood the concept of this game is flawless. I grew with this game and was eagerly for this game to release soon and finally got and opportunity to download and play this beta version which I find my self so thankful to be selected and be a part of GTA6 beta testing and support time.
Talking about Beta version i have installed in my android device and worked completely find with out any issues all the graphics and audio worked control is working perfect from my side so I would like to request other beta users to send there feedback soon so that we can experience full version soon.

Aditi Musunur
Marketing Manager

Hi I am from India am so much happy to play GTA 6 Beta . 5 stars love from India

Charles B. Garrison

I was waiting for GTA 6 from long time. Am so happy to see beta version I want to rate 8 out of 10 overall wise hoping for full version soon.

GTA 6 Beta Download

Select platform that you like to download GTA  for:


Beta Android User

Worked perfectly on my Android device with amazing graphics. Game Starts from Japanese city which is quite fun to play can’t wait to play the full version of this game soon.

Yes, You can without any doubt. Beta supports most of the smart phone including Android, IOS. Just click on the Download button and start playing now.

To play this game you need:

Intel/AMD processor with more then 1.8 GHz
Video card mini of 2 GB
10 GB hard drive space
RAM 4 GB for best performance.

As there is no official announcement when game  will be releasing though it is releasing soon my the end of this year as there is testing going on for various platforms you can download the beta version for the your platforms and try it out. Which has limited access though you can play and experience the game.

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