GTA 6 Beta Map.


GTA 6 Map this time Rockstar as gone to different city usually Rockstar use to be in US based city as you can see previous game where GTA 5 was based on liberty city and GTA 4 was based on San Andres  this time GTA 6 is going to the totally different city which is located in Asian country japan. The city of GTA 6 map that you will be playing this time will be Tokyo city. This huge change is going to make GTA 6 more interesting and fun to play. Download beta version to see the demo of the city.
gta 6 map
As previously there were lots of rumor about GTA 6 map leaked some said game is going to be on this city and that city but finally Rockstar announced this is going to be on Japan, Tokyo which can make many player happy. Game is going to fun to play as you will be exploring around the different city this time. As Tokyo is known as one of the best technological city in the world there are lots of technology evolved already where still many country like US is backward in it. You will be lucky enough to explore cities like that download GTA 6 beta to take experience of Japan city.
gta 6 map leaked
This time GTA 6 map size is going to be very huge as Tokyo city is already a huge city and you will be allowed to travel around other city near by and most probably you will be connect to US cities as well as this game will be continues series of the GTA 5 so you will be able to go to liberty city of the plane and play around there as well which will be very big in size this time so game size can be in large size.
GTA 6 world map there were lots of rumors say that GTA 6 will be very big you will be allowed to travel the world and play around going any where as you want but unfortunately that not true GTA 6 will be big in size but that is not possible to make world travelling game which in not impossible but there are lots of restriction that we can get while created this game on real based map we must we authorized by the country if we are allowed to make a game based on there country which is almost impossible.
gta 6 map size
Talking GTA 6 map USA there will be few cities you will be allowed to get in and play you might be playing this game on some US cities like San Andrea's and liberality City which will is going to make your previous memories of GTA back we will be including Miami city as well as GTA Miami was on the city which has became part of the GTA series so it is going to be fun and more interesting to play  exploring Asian city and US city that is going to fun combination and interesting to watch.